Have you ever felt like you have no control over which candidates wind up on the ballot in November? This is your chance to become directly involved in the political process.

Party delegates are the ones who ultimately decide who the candidate is that will be on the ballot at election time. The process for selecting those delegates begins on caucus night.

By law, caucus night for the two largest major political parties in the state of Minnesota, must be held on the same night. Generally, the two parties will submit an agreed upon date, otherwise it is held on the first Tuesday in February of even numbered years.

Among other things, one of the items on the agenda for the night is for the various precincts to each select one delegate and one alternate delegate to represent them at the county convention. Delegates are selected at the convention to represent the county at the district and state conventions. One primary and one alternate delegate is selected to attend each.

Candidates for the US House of Representatives are selected at the district convention. Candidates for Minnesota Governor are selected at the state convention every four years, and candidates for US Senate every 2 years, provided that a senate seat is up for election.

Additionally, in the years of a presidential election, one primary and one alternate delegate is selected at the state convention to attend the national convention, where the candidate for President of the United States is selected.